• Minicoach

  • Minicoach information
    FeaturesThree point seat belts
    Leather interior
    Air conditioned
    Number of passengers18
    Number of luggage items10
  • Coach

  • Coach information
    FeaturesPA system with DVD / CD player
    Enhanced seats with leather head rests
    Hot water dispenser
    Seat-back tables
    Onboard W/C
    Number of passengers49
    Number of luggage items49

  • Luxury Coaches and Party Bus

    Luxury coaches and Limousine Bus are redefining the way people travel today. For a long time, the charter bus coaches were not seen as luxury vehicles. They were just made to move people from one point to another. With the introduction of better comfort coaches and party buses, more people seem to start liking them again. The luxury coaches now come with new and improved seats, better spacing between seats, additional gadgets such as Wi-Fi, and many other great features people would want in a luxury vehicle. People going on a long distance or sightseeing journey, they would want to know what are the benefits associated with luxury coaches.

    The Limousine Bus Save Fuel

    The first thing that comes in mind when hiring a limousine bus or passenger coach is the amount of fuel it will be consuming per trip. That figure alone can make an investor to think otherwise about getting a bus. Comparing the amount of fuel per passenger in a bus and that per passenger in a fully loaded car, a company can save more money on the limousine bus. The bus can carry many people to different destinations with less fuel as compared to a fully loaded car. Based on reviews from those who have used a charter bus or party bus, they recommend a luxury coach because it has better fuel efficiency as compared to the passenger car. If you are looking to protect the environment, consider checking out our luxury coaches.

    The stress of driving your own personal car with many people on board, it can really drive you crazy. Think about the traffic jams and honking of horns you will encounter before getting to your destination. This is something that can catch with driver fatigue. With the presence of a limousine bus luxury coach, the driver of the coach takes away a considerable amount of pressure from you. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy every scene out there. Forget about getting lost simply because you forgot to carry a map. Let the driver take control and deliver your family or friends to your destination.

    Limousine Bus is Safe

    The luxury coaches and limousine buses are safe to use at all times. Trained drivers who know how to handle the long vehicle drive the coaches. The drivers have to undergo a special course in driving that gives them all the necessary skills needed to drive the coach. Whenever you step onto a luxury coach, you are a sure that your safety is well taken care of.  No company would invest many resources in creating a luxury coach then give it to an amateur driver. They would want to be sure that the safety of the passengers and the coach itself are in good hands. For our drivers, they have to undergo various trials to make sure they are the perfect ones for the job.

    Using a Limousine Bus Save Money

    When going to company meetings as a team, it would be better to use a limousine bus, as it is economical. Think about hiring cars that will fit the number of people in a company. Such an arrangement will cost a lot for the company. Now that every company is looking for ways to save on their budget, we provide the luxury coaches and party buses that help you to save on your budget. Based on statistics, companies are now using luxury coaches to travel to different destinations as it helps them to have a team building session. The team building sessions under one bus helps the company to have a staff that can interact with each other and run the company successfully.

    The passenger van can be used for travelling to different destinations for sightseeing, but the luxury coach limousine bus is better. The coaches are better in the sense that they have large windows and the seat level is elevated. This makes it possible for the passengers to view the great scenes along the way when travelling to their destinations. It is a great way to create memories, especially if you are travelling with friends in the same NYC party bus. You can always choose to tell the driver to stop for a minute in order for the whole team to capture the moments through taking pictures.

    Our philosophy for a long time has always been to ensure that we provide the best luxury coach limousine bus services in the industry. It is now evident that we are living our dream based on the number of companies hiring the coaches for their corporate events. We are a company that does not take the client for granted. We have learned through experience to give the customer what they really want. In case a customer has some few additional customizations, we can always provide them before they come to pick the limousine bus. This sets us apart from our competitors who might not meet the needs of the clients. Our rates are affordable for most people and corporations. We can always deliver a discount where possible. The discounts are offered occasionally, so check out our website often to see the banner on discounts.